So B. It….the MOVIE!!!!

I am beside myself with excitement to announce that Hollywood has discovered my book!  Things are still very much at the beginning stages – but there is a script and….it’s wonderful! Hooray!  The super talented writer Garry Williams has done a great job of capturing the spirit of the book, while transforming it into a terrific screenplay.  All the other details are still top secret, but as soon as I have anything to report, believe you me, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops.  Keep your fingers crossed that Heidi and Mama and Bernie will be hitting the big screen soon.


  1. Josilyn says

    I love the book So B. It, and I love it even more that there’s a movie coming out about it. I’ve heard that My Guy is also talking about being a movie, and I’d like to know if it is going to be one.

    • says

      I’m very excited about the possibility that So B. It will make it to the big screen. A LOT has to happen before that dream can come true, but I’m feeling hopeful. AS for MY GUY, who knows? Disney owns the rights, and some day they may turn it into a film, but at the moment I don’t think anything is happening. SW

  2. Helena says

    Wow! I just picked up the book today…and finished it today! It’s SO amazing! I’m excited at the thought of it becoming a movie! CONGRATS!

  3. Brenda says

    SO B. It Its A Great Book! 😀 When I Firts Got The book it was like a love poison that i couldnt live with out. Everytime my mom or teacher will tell me to put the down for i could do somework,i could’nt because the more i read the book the more i couldnt stop reading it. when i was about to finish with the book i really didnt want to finish with book because it was one of the firts books that i have ever liked so much. When I got to the end when heidi finds out that her mom has pass out, tears where really comming out of my eyes. But this is one of my REALLY Favorite book<3 🙂

      • says

        So B. It is my all time favorite book. I tell my friends to read it. They came back to me speachless 30 seconds later they started crying. I have to admit I cried to. So happy that it’s going up on a screen well probably a 99% chance. I hope you make another life changing book😃.

        • Sarah Weeks says

          Thanks for your message, Jake. The movie is almost done and I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turning out. They are currently editing and adding the musical score. I hope that it will be in theaters very soon! – SW

  4. Angelica says

    My momma picked out the book SO B. IT for me a few days ago, i read it in 1 night!!! it was sooooo good 🙂 i want to be an author just like you one day!! but thank you for writing this amazing book. i want it to be in theaters like right now, 🙂 i really cant wait! im keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!


  5. jenn says

    My 10 y/o daughter and I are reading this in our book club. We read up to chapter 6 together and then I picked it up and finished the book yesterday….I couldn’t stop! I was discussing it with my husband and we both thought it would make a great movie and am so pleased to read today that its a strong possibility! I really hope it works out! Will be following your blog……Thank you for a great read. Haven’t felt that way about a book in a long time.

    • says

      How nice to wake up this morning to find your message. I am so pleased that you and your daughter are in a book club together. I would have LOVED doing something like that when I was ten years old. There are some places where So B. It has been banned – because Mama is an unwed mother, and they claim that sets a bad example for kids. Can you believe it? Anyway, I’m glad that there are more people out there like you(and your husband!) who are embracing the book along with their children. Thank you for taking the time to write to me, it means a lot. all best, Sarah Weeks

  6. Kaitlynn says

    Hi, this is one of the girls from 2 HUGE FANS and I can’t believe this could be a movie!! That would be so great for you and it would be the BEST movie Hollywood ever made!! I better call the other FAN right now!!!!!!!!(scream!)

  7. emiy says

    Dear Sarah,
    you are my favorite author. My favorite book is
    my teacher read it to the class. We all loved it. I think you should wright a series of those kind of books. You are the best author EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think you should consider making So.B.It a movie. I have a ? do you base your story’s on your life?

    YOUR #1 FAN!!!!!,

    • says

      Thanks for your nice message, Emily. I’m so glad you’re a fan of So B. It. Although there is no sequel to the book, I have written a number of other novels that I think you might enjoy. If you visit the BOOKS page of my website and click on NOVELS you will find descriptions of them all. None of my stories are based on my own life, but like most authors I include details from my memories of growing up. Happy reading and have a great summer! SW

  8. robin says

    My eleven year old daughter and I downloaded the book just two nights ago. I was so consumed by the story I finished it in just a few hours. My daughter is still working on it and we are having great discussions as a result. The book is well thought out, funny, dramatic and mysterious. That it may become a movie is awesome. Great job! You are an amazing writer and you have two new fans .

    • says

      Wow! That is high praise. Thank you! Nothing I love better than a mother/daughter read. I’m so glad you and your daughter enjoyed So B. It. I hope maybe you’ll take a look at some of my other novels as well. Happy reading! SW

  9. Mk says

    Oh wow I remembered I read the book in my last year of middle school. At the time I was having a very hard time and reading was the only way I could escape my problems. The ending was really sad though but I still loved it. I wonder who the cast will be…… 🙂

  10. Greta says

    Hey(: My friend and I just finished reading the book for summer reading for 8th grade. We were wondering what day the movie will be out. Thanks!

    • says

      As soon as I know I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops! At the moment, there’s a script, and the book has been optioned, but making a movie can take a looooooong time. SW

  11. says

    So B It is a perfect blend of plot, character, pacing and significant theme. As a coach who works with adoptive families, I am delighted to find fiction that presents variations on how family can look and be formed. Thank you for this poignant, meaningful and thoroughly enjoyable story.Please keep writing.

  12. Emilee says

    My goodness! Best book I ever read! I reallllyyyy hope that So B. It hits the theaters! That would be amazing! I keep wondering what actors and actresses would work for the movie… Who do you think would fit your characters? I keep thinking Madison Pettis for Heidi, but I don’t know

    • says

      I’ve always pictured Kathy Bates as Bernie, but beyond that I haven’t thought much about the actors. It’s exciting to have an actual script in hand. I just hope it gets made! SW

  13. Nina says

    I love the book So B. It. I actually just started reading it yesterday, and I can’t stop!!! But, unfortunately, I have to because it’s 11:00 at night and I have school tomorrow. BTW I’m in 6th grade, 11 years old, and I’m a really advanced reader. I read the whole Harry Potter series in a month in 4th grade. And right now I’m reading the Twilight Saga, but Eclipse was checked out at the library so I got So B. It and I love it!!! -Nina

  14. Liz says

    I LOVE your book! My friends and I are so happy that a movie is coming out! Do you think that the movie is going to be non-animated? I dont think that So B. It would be a good animated film, it would be a lot better with live actora and actresses.

  15. Sara says

    Hi Sarah!!!!!I just got done reading your book So B. it I’m glad it might be a movie soon!! Its cool we have the same name. What’s the other book called?


    • says

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading So B. It. Check out the BOOKS page on my website and you can see what else I’ve written. I’m thinking you might like to read As Simple As It Seems. SW

  16. Ann says

    I first read So B. it in the 6th grade and since then, it has been my favorite book. I LOVE THIS BOOK and if it turns out NOT to be a movie, I will cry myself to sleep every night! :'(

  17. Kirsten says

    So B. It is my favorite book!!! Once I read that it was going to become a book I screamed. I am so excited to see it! I think I’ve read it about 6 times… Do you know (at an estimate) how long it might take to be made? My head my blow off with suspence… Haha I just cant wait!!!


    • says

      Thanks for your sweet message. I’m excited about the movie too – but it may be a while before it becomes a reality. There are a lot of steps in the process. So far so good – keep your fingers crossed, okay? SW

  18. GNA says

    I teach a Read 180 class to high school students and some of my students said this was a good book (it’s part of our Read 180 library). I finally got a chance to read it and couldn’t put it down. Finally finished today. What an awesome story! I’m waiting for one of my students who’s reading it to finish so we can discuss it. Crossing my fingers for the movie to come through!

    Glad I came across your blog! One of the Read 180 projects is a letter to the author. It would be awesome if they could write you and get a response. 🙂

    • says

      Absolutely! Have your students send letters through SCHOLASTIC. They usually reach me within a month and I’m pretty good with the turn around time. So glad you enjoyed the book! SW

  19. madhura says

    So b it is my favorite book!!!! 🙂 Once I got my hands on it , I couldn’t stop reading it. But its sad that I haven’t read any of your other books. 🙁

    • says

      Glad to know So B. It has a new fan. You can find some useful info for your speech by visiting the About Me page on my website. In my free time I enjoy baking, reading, and playing with our dog, Mia. SW

  20. madhura says

    I have a question. What do you do during your free time? The reason why I am asking this question is because I have to do a speech about you.

  21. emily k. k says

    Dear Sarah,

    when did u start publishing books? did u always like making books? did u always like to read books? when will so b it be in the movies? U ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    emily k k

    • says

      Hi Emily! THe first book I ever published was an alphabet book called Hurricane City. I think it came out in 1993. I’ve always liked to read and write stories. I’m not sure when the So B. It movie will come out – sometimes it takes a long time, but I will keep you posted. SW

  22. says

    Ohh my goodness!!! Sarah, you are an amazing writer. I love your book So B.It. It really brings out the couragesness, and determination Heidi has. Just to make it better there is a movie coming out! I will defenitly will be goiing to see it. How about you?

  23. says

    My fourth grade class loved this book. Thank you for such rich characters as Heidi, Bernie, and Mama. Thank you for helping us undedrstand lying, truth, and love. And luck. It has changed them into readers, and given them some wonderful friends. Marcia

  24. says

    Dear Sarah Weeks,

    I am doing a book report on So B. It and I was just wondering what do you think the main idea of this book would be? I honestly think it could be determination because of Heidi’s determination to find out who she really is. Any comment?

    • says

      B- Heidi is certainly a determined little girl, but I’m not sure I would say that determination is the MAIN idea of the book. The book is about family, and friendship and seeking the truth. Heidi’s determination is more like an important aspect of the book than the main theme. SW

  25. Amy says

    I’ve used So B. It in my remedial reading class for two years and it is by far one of the most popular books in my class. My students love Heidi and her story. They are beyond excited to hear that there will be a movie.

    • says

      I’m delighted to hear that you are using my book in your classroom. Who knows if the movie will ever actually get made – but if it does, I’ll be beyond excited right along with your students! SW

  26. Rebecca says

    Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe there might be a movie! So B. It is one of my favorite books of all time! I actually first read it when I was in 5th grade, and (now in the 10th grade!) just finished reading it again today! If So B. It really does become a movie, I definitely will be one of the people first in line to watch it!!

  27. Peyton says

    Dear Sarah,
    I am writing you because I love your books! Your book So.B.It is so amazing. It has a great theme and a good saying. I also like the book just because it inspires me. I am in 8th grade and I am doing a project on the book So.B.It. I finished reading it in 2 days, I read nonstop! The ending is very sad but then again good.

    I hope that you can make a squeal to So.B.It. I would love it read it! I’m sure that many other people would love to read it to. Maybe Heidi will go on another adventure? I hope you continue with books like these!

    Peyton Miller.
    North Union Middle School.

    • says

      Hi Peyton – I’m so happy to hear that you liked So B. It enough to read it nonstop. I love when I can dive into a book that way and just keep swimming until I reach the end. I donn’t plan to write a sequel, but I have written several other novels you might enjoy. You can check them out on the BOOKS page of my site. SW

  28. Peyton says

    I have read some of your other books and i have loved them! Thank you for writing back it means alot to me! Thank you so much!

  29. Brynn says

    Oh my goodness I cannot wait for this to come out . I absolutely love this book I first read it in 5th grade I’m now a junior and I still find my eyes glued to the pages of this book. It is the only book I’ll read I absolutely love it in fact it’s in my hands right now . Good luck on getting this movie made . I really hope it happens I would just kill to see it

  30. April says

    Dear Sarah,
    I just got done reading your book in 6th grade e=reading it is SOOOOOO amazing i Love it. And my class and i got to read issues you signed and our teacher gave us book marks you signed as well. Do you remember coming to Galesburg Il? I hope you do!
    With hope,
    Lombard Middle School

    • says

      Do I remember Galesburg? Of course I do! In fact, I have a photo that I include in my powerpoint presentations for school visits that shows a sign in your town with “AUTHOR SARAH WEEKS” written on it in lights. That was WAY cool. Glad you’re still enjoying the books. SW

  31. Chrysta says

    Hello, I love your book So B. It. I’m currently a sophomore in High School and I’m doing a book project on this very book. I wanted to know if you, in anyway, could possilby email me and tell me things about you and what your thoughts were while you were writing So B. It? These would help me so much to Ace this project. Thank you so much.
    -Chrysta Currington

    • says

      You’re in luck! If you visit the BOOKS page of my website, and then click on the cover of So B. It you will find a link to an interview I did with lots of info for your project. You should also explore other pages on the site, in particular the ABOUT ME page. Good luck! SW

  32. says

    Sarah, you are the favorite author of my 4th graders. We often quote Bernie and Heidi. We call our dictionaries “MBFs”. I am 59 years old and I honestly don’t know if I have ever read a book that set my soul on fire as much as So B. It. Thank you so much for the story, and especially for Bernie.

    • says

      I’m blushing! Thank you for that very flattering message. I loved creating Bernie. She has elements of both of my parents in her. They’re talking baout making a movie of the book right now and my dream casting for Bernie is Kathy Bates. What do you think? SW

  33. says

    I think Kathy Bates would be great as Bernie. My class is so anxious for the movie. We will be rereading the book the last six weeks of school. So many wonderful lessons in this book.

  34. Kendra says

    I am a 5th grade student and I truly loved this book!It was so amazing that i starded reading more books by you.This week for a school assighnment we have to make a poster on our favorite author.And of course i chose you!I did not know there was a movie to it so i would really like to see it, so that will be on my check list for this next upcoming week.I would like to tell you that before i read your book i hated reading , but now reading your book So B. It has encouraged me and now i aptsolutely love reading. Infact i read the whole Twighlight series , one of the biggest books i have read.So thanks 🙂

    • says

      Hi Kendra- I’m so glad that reading So B. It has inspired you to want to read more books. Sometimes you just have to find the right book to open that door. The kite on the cover is a reference to a scene on page 4. As for the movie – well, it’s not out yet. They haven’t even started filming it yet! In the meantime, happy reading! SW

  35. Ita says

    Hello Sarah,
    I think your book is awesome. I started crying after reading it! That is how good you describe the details and all! I cannot wait till the movie, but I still think the book will be better. Because this book inspired me….to do a lot! Thank you! And btw I think So B. it (Sophia) is soooo cute how she speaks.


    your fan

  36. Marcia Smith says

    Hello from Jovany, Tay, Dallas, Andrew, Brianna, Viviano, Skyler, Bree, Taylor, Bobby, Collin, Alyssa, Devin, Damon, David, Angell, Kavonte, and Kelbry. We still vote So B. It as the best book in the universe!! I wish all our studies stuck in our head like an arrow. We need Bernie to help us teach. Bernie is our role model because of her care for Heidi and Mama. Your book was an inspiration to us. We are learning to write and hope someday to write a book. Goodbye from Mrs. Smith’s fourth grade class.

  37. taylor says


  38. says

    Hi, Sarah,
    I wish you could come to Las Vegas. It’d be so awesome. Anyway, how many hits do you get per day on here? It must be, like, a lot. I really liked So. B. It. Heidi was really awesome, I loved how she wanted the answer for once and for all.
    What other authors do you like?

    • says

      I’d love to come to Vegas. I’ve only been there once and I had a ball. Glad you liked So B. It. There are so many great author out there – Jerry Spinelli, Pam Munoz Ryan, Jenny Han, Lisa Graff, Suzanne LeFleur….I could go on and on. SW

  39. Shirley Villa says

    My class and I love your book, So B.It! It is such a good book!! I was sad at the end when Mama died. I can’t wait until the movie comes out!! :):)

    • says

      I’m glad you liked the book. It’s always sad when someone dies – even a fictional character like Mama. I cried when I wrote the scene because she felt very real to me. Still no word about WHEN the movie is coming, but I will keep you posted here on my BLOG. SW

  40. says

    Why do you think so many people identify with Heidi and with So B. It? We have read many books over the years in our classroom, but this one really touched my students this year. Something about needing to know the truth, perhaps?

    • says

      Marcia- that’s an interesting –and flattering question. I’m not sure what it is about Heidi that makes people identify with her. Maybe it has something to do with her positive attitude? She’s very uncomplaining about her situation. In fact, she’s grateful for the good things in her life – like Bernie and Mama. She’s also lucky. I know that I thought about luck a lot when I was a young girl – in fact, still think about it sometimes. And yes, I agree with you that the desire to know the truth is probably pretty universal. Whatever it is that draws people to Heidi and her story, I am very grateful for it. Knowing that my book is in your classroom makes me very happy! – SW

  41. Lydia V. says

    I just got your book “So B. It” yesterday afternoon at my local library because I had heard of the title before and I knew people liked it, but I have to admit I wasn’t overly thrilled about it. Was I wrong! I finished that book in about 2 or 3 hours. I absolutely L-O-V-E-D it! I hope it’s a movie!

  42. Merissa says

    When i read the book it was great but why didnt bernie/bernidette call the ems if she had those bad headaches also was Heidi mamas luck because when Heidi was there her mama had small pain headaches but when she left for liberty mama had headaches every day and every day they got even worse.
    The book was great but had the movie came out yet i want to buy it! 🙂

    • says

      Hi Merissa- you ask a really good question about Bernie – why didn’t she call EMS? Well, Bernie is trying to “fly under the radar”. She doesn’t want anyone to know about Mama and Heidi because she’s afraid that they will take them away. Also an interesting point you make about Mama’s luck maybe coming from Heidi. I never thought of that! I will keep you posted on the progress of the movie. At the moment they are trying to raise the money to make it. SW

  43. Lucy says

    Hi! I am doing an authors study on you and I was wondering, what was your inspiration for So B. It and basically all of your books. I loved So B. It and couldn’t put it down so I stayed up until 10:00 reading it! Also, I was wondering, what do you like most about writing? Thank You!!!

    • says

      Hi Lucy- always nice to meet another So B. it fan. I’m flattered that you’re doing an author study on me. If you look on my website, you’ll see a button on the upper right hand corner of very first page that will give you all kinds of good info for your report. Also, make sure to visit the So B. It Page in the section called BOOKS. Here’s a little bit from that page: Where did the idea for So B. It come from and why did you choose to make Mama’s mysterious word soof?
      The idea for So B. It didn’t come in one big chunk the way some book ideas do. Instead it came in smaller pieces, which eventually began to take on the shape of a story. One thing I remember thinking about as I began working on the book was this idea that people are like locks, and in order to find out what makes them who they are, you have to find the right key to unlock the mystery.

      With Mama, I decided that key would be a word, soof. I chose the word because of the “oo” sound. I just liked the way it sounded. It reminded me of words like moon and truth and soothe. Just like Heidi, once I settled on the word, I began to hear it all around me. One time, I was getting off a bus and as the doors closed behind me I heard it – soof. I decided to use that idea in the book.

      Heidi’s neighbor, Bernadette loves words. She has a very colorful vocabulary, and when she can’t find just the right word, she sometimes makes them up. Was there anyone in your life who taught you about words the way Bernie teaches Heidi?
      Absolutely. My father was an English professor at the University of Michigan, and at home we had a big dictionary on a table in the living room, just like the one in So B. It. We all visited it often for meanings of words, and pronunciations, and in my case for the correct spelling too since I’ve never been very good at spelling! I loved to be read out loud to and I have very pleasant memories of sitting at the dinner table as my father read a section of the newspaper to us or something that he was teaching in his class. He really loved books and words and he passed that on to my brother and sister and me. My mother read to me every night at bedtime and my parents took us to the library all the time when we were kids. It was easy writing about Bernie’s love of the library and how she liked to smell the books when Heidi brought them home since she couldn’t go to the library herself anymore. I remember loving the smell of the library books too. Actually, I still do.

      Hope this helps! SW

  44. says

    Sarah, I am beside myself with excitement for the last day of school. Not for the reason you might imagine! I have purchased 20 copies of So B. It to give to my students. We will also have a box of jujufruits to eat as we enjoy our book. Thank you for the joy.

  45. says

    Do you expect what year the movie will come out. Also, in your description of Heidi, I am just like her; short curly black-brown hair and 11 yrs old and is tall for her age. All in All YOU are my favorite author.

  46. Reinny says

    Hi! i just wan’t to say what an amazing author you are! you in spire me! i really hope the movie comes out because i loved the book so much! and i wanted to know, would Heidi ever be satisfied if she had not gone to liberty? please write asap! thanks! Reinny (big fan, cant wait to read PIE)

    • says

      Thanks for your nice message. I’m glad you loved So B. It. I guess we’ll never really know what would have happened had Heidi not gone to LIberty, but my feeling is that she would have had a hard time trying to answer some of the questions she was so eager to find out about had she stayed home with Bernie. SW

  47. Reinny says

    i agree with isabelle you should come to vegas! my school is tarkanian and my librian when flip if she knew you could come!

    • says

      I would love to come to Vegas some time! I haven’t been there in years. I would need a formal invitation from your school though. Tell your librarian to visit the AUTHOR VISITS page of my website to learn more about my author visits to schools. Who knows, maybe I will see you at Tarkanian some day….SW

    • says

      There are lots of descriptions of Heidi in the book. Take a look at the haircutting scene with Ruby. It should be pretty clear why Bernie doesn’t go outside. Here’s a bit of friendly advice: If you’re trying to write a book report, it’s really, really, really important to read the book before you start writing! SW

  48. Cade says

    I just finished it for the second time. It is one of our summer reading books. Does anyone know if the movie came out yet??? I want to be able to watch it!! I ‘SOOFED’ it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Alexis says

    Hi, Sarah weeks!! All of your books including So B. It have inspired me to write my own stories. Before reading So B. It I loved to write fiction stories. After reading So B. It it made me think about writing stories about life harming situations, but still keeping my prefrence of writing style. I think all of your books have a great lesson to teach, and I want to spread that in my stories that I write myself. Can’t wait to see So B. It on DVD. As always I’m sure the book will be better than the movie. It seems to always work like that.


  50. Alaina says

    hi sarah weeks! im doing a summer reading program and i have to do a report on it. i got stuck on these questions.
    1. what is the major theme in this book?
    2. who are the antagonists?
    thanks for your help:)

    • says

      Hi Alaina- I’m so glad that you are doing a report on one of my books for your summer reading program. Check out the “ARE YOU DOING AN AUTHOR STUDY” link on the home page of my website. There you will find some suggestions for where to look for info. Best of luck! SW

  51. FJ "misty" says

    Once again it’s me misty you can call me, I love all of your books other than the guy books. I’m not a fan but I’m gonna read them and see how I likey! The only book I read is as simple as it seems. But I am reading so b. it now! Can you tell me the real movie trailer for the movie because I love the book but some times I miss parts and I’m having a hard time figuring out what the characters?. Thank you for turning books from boring to interesting. Because now some kids don’t really like books but you make kids want to acually read!

    • says

      I’m glad you think that my books will make kids want to read. Sorry you’re not a GUY fan, though you might want to read the books before you decide for sure. There’s no movie trailer yet because….there’s no movie yet! However, there are some really cool trailers out there that kids have made. I think this must be an assignment that teachers sometimes give their students. SW

  52. Lucy says

    I picked So B. It for my mother-daughter book-club, and everyone loved it! I can wait to tell them that there is a movie!!! Maybe we will go see it!!! I live in Kansas (i doubt you´ll come here) but maybe you could???!!! Thanks,

    • says

      Guess what? I’ve been to Kansas several times. I was once even in a parade in Kansas! I’m so glad your mother/daughter book group read So B. It. I would have loved to have been in a group like that with my mom. SW

  53. Hà My says

    Omg!! Really? So will be transformed tobe movie? How excitedddd… my wish finally came true. I want to see how Heidi look like

  54. Annabelle says

    Hi!!! I’ve read Pie and So B. It and i loved them both! So B. It made me want to cry! You are an AMAZING author and i love all your books. Also, i love to cook, and so (if my mom lets me) i am going to try and make all the pies in the book Pie. I want to be a writer when i grow up and i want you to know that you are my role model. Thanks for being such an amazing writer!

  55. Lily Nagle says

    i read So B. It for my summer reading and the book was amazing! i loved it! i really hope you can make a movie that would be amazing! can you please write a sequel to it! your such an amazing writer. i loved it so much i recommend it to my mom and my class!

    • says

      Thanks, Lily. I’m glad you enjoyed the book enough to want to recommend it. I don’t plan to write a sequel. but you might enjoy some of my other novels. You can take a look at them on the BOOKS page of this website. Happy reading! SW

  56. Natalie says

    Hello again like I said it is possible for it to become a movie after all it could happen since anything IS possible with god

  57. jordan says

    hi i love your book i cant wait to see the movie. i havent seen it yet bet i read the book on my free time. will there be a sequel to book because i bet it will be awesome.

  58. Bill says

    Hi! I was solicited by phone today to invest in your movie. It will be a private placement with money being raised by equity from individuals like myself (and not from a movie studio) so I am told.
    Is this true? I do not know these peolpe; but you SHOULD. So let me know. Thanks, and Good Luck.

  59. Sarah H. says

    Hello Ms Week. I read So B It 3 months ago and I love it! I’m wondering when the movie coming out? I’m so excited!

    • says

      That’s so sweet. Unfortunately, every time I see jugy fruits I wanna EAT them! I mean, like, the whole box.(except for the green ones. Like Mama, I don’t like that flavor) SW

  60. mona says

    Wonderful, special book. My daughters favorite. She asked me to read it and I fell in love with it. My daughter has read it many times and will be ecstatic! I just hope that the movie will do the book justice. Thanks for writing such a beautiful story. Mona and Willow Ezra

    • says

      Thank you for your lovely message. I love when I hear from Moms who have read the book too. Your daughter is a lucky girl to have a mother like you. SW

  61. Taytum says

    Hello Sarah, i read your book and i was wondering where you came up with all the names in your book, because i thought they were unique!! and what some strong details that i should add in on my book report? thank you for you time and your book was incredible!

    • says

      I choose the names for my characters by trying out different names until I find one that feels like it fits. It’s not unlike trying to name a baby! SW

  62. Lexi says

    Hi Sarah! you recently came to my school (Columbia Grammar) and I just started reading your book. I looooove it!!!! I cant wait for the movie to come out!! Do you when it will come out? I cant wait!!!!!

  63. Chayton Garverick says

    I ALMOST PEED when I read this. You inspire the 13 year old boy I am, with the whole trip Heidi-ho took. It shows you need to be persistent, no matter who tells you no. I can’t wait. I will treat this movie like the book: Watch it over and over again <3

  64. Abbie Sullivan says

    Hey again! I commented long ago but I was just REALLY curious…. When the do make a movie, can I maybe audition for the part of Heidi? I’m pretty much a walking description of her; brown curly hair, tall for my age, ect. I f you could answer back asap I’d love that almost as much as I love your books. It’d make my world. LONG LIVE SARAH WEEKS!!!

    • says

      Thanks Abbie!! YOu sound like you would make a very cute Heidi. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be involved in casting the movie. My job is going to be to sit there trying not to scream with joy when they finally start shooting it! SW

  65. Zoe says

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! It would be awesome if it came out for Christmas this year!! This is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER I’VE READ IT LIKE 10 TIMES!!!!! LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Sara says

    I just finished reading your book “So B It.” and went sraight online to see if you have any other books you would suggest of yours for me to read that I would enjoy? I love books that keep the reader on the edge of their chair! Thanks!Also any new information about the movie for SO B. It?

    • says

      Hi Sara – thanks for your message. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading So B. It. The movie is still in the works, but they haven’t told me when to expect it out. Apparently these things sometimes take a VERY long time to happen. SW

  67. Jennifer Hale says

    I teach 7th grade, and my students just finished So B. It. Of course, they keep asking about a movie. Any updates? We had so much fun reading your book – I even had a jar of jelly beans for them to guess and win!

    • says

      I wish I had some good news about the movie, but at the moment we’re regrouping. There is a script, but the director and cast are being revisited right now, so we’re in waiting mode. As soon as I have news I will post it. I promise! SW

  68. says

    Good Morning or Good Afternoon okay… When ever you get this.

    Oh my gosh okay. Miss Sarah, you inspired me to read books that will make me cry and think about what I’d do if I was in there shoes. The words that you write and how you express it made me sob and think of my mom every day. I would tell her I love her no matter even if she had or hadn’t been Mental Problems. But the day I first told her she was dumbstruck and started to wonder why I was hugging her so tightly and telling her I love her with a sobbing face. Miss Sarah you changed the way I look at life you Inspired me but now the book has ended now to my boring ways.

    P.S This is the part were you can think about making a So B. It book 2 just saying well okay then bye Miss. Sarah Week. This book has taught me to enjoy my mom even though she can be demanding I still love not less but even more.

  69. Olivia says

    I would just like to take a second to applaud you. I have written comments to many authors on many websites, and you are one of two who have actually responded! Well done. I think that it says a lot about an author if they take time out of there busy lives, to interact with fans. Wonderful job on the book and I can’t wait to see the movie!


  70. Emily H. says

    Hey Sarah! I was just wondering, I love your book so much btw, if you were still looking for an actress to play Heidi? I act out her part all the time and I know it might be too much to ask for but I would love to send a video of me acting it for you or something so you could see. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Emily- it’s very sweet of you to express interest in playing the role of Heidi. Unfortunately, the casting decisions are not up to me. The people making the movie have hired a casting director who is deciding who will play who in the movie. As soon as I hear anything definite, I will be sure to post it here. – SW

    • Sarah Weeks says

      They are talking about filming this summer. I know it’s hard to wait – it’s hard for me too! – SW

      • says

        I loved this book so much! I just recently read it for a book report and we have to ask a character 10 questions. I chose to interview Heidi do you have any question ideas for me.
        shea 🙂

        • Sarah Weeks says

          I’m so excited when I hear that kids are doing book reports about my books. However, I never offer help or suggestions for the assignments because I don’t want your teachers to get made at me! They’re interested in YOUR thoughts and ideas, not mine. I bet you totally rocked that report! – SW

  71. Shea says

    I just read So B It for a book report and loved it! We have to ask a character from the book for the report so i chose Heidi. do you have any ideas for questions i could ask her?

    • Sarah Weeks says

      Hi Shea – you’ve probably already finished your book report by now. I’m sure you thought of some great questions to ask Heidi. – SW

  72. lucy says

    Hey your book is amazing I loved it so.much. i got it at my school library and I couldn’t put it down.

  73. Laurie Turner says

    I am a 4th grade teacher, and I have been reading this book to my class for about 5 or 6 years now. We LOVE this book. I think I can almost read it without crying, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to read it again the next year. I am excited to tell them that a movie will be out soon. I certainly hope that the characters and plot stays true to your writing.

    • Sarah Weeks says

      Dear Laurie- thanks for your message. I’m delighted to hear that the book is a regular in your classroom. I’m also happy to report that although there are always changes made when a book is adapted for a movie, I am very, very happy with the choices that they made with the So B It film. The story and charters are very true to the book. I’m attending the world premiere of the movie in a few weeks and will be sure to post some pictures of that as well as a link to the trailer for the movie! – SW

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