How happy I was to receive this bundle of wonderful letters and cards from some of the students at Greenwich Academy!  I spent two days in October visiting with grades K through 4, talking about my books and doing writing workshops.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and it made me very happy to hear that the students had enjoyed themselves too.  MANY THANKS to Leesa Singleton who arranged my visit and Kerri and Andrea for making sure all the books were there to be signed.  I look forward to visiting with the GA middle schoolers soon! 



  1. aileen says

    hi sarah i am the girl that you met at andersons book store i am about to read pie i am in for some excitement and thrills oh and i almost forgot the recipes. I also forgot to tell you at the book store that i also want to be an auther i already wrote a book all i need is a publisher my mom is helping me find one. I hope you can come every year to the book store i will also try to open a web site and the book is called lilys christmas just if you were by

    • says

      Well hello again, Aileen! I hope you enjoy reading PIE. It was really fun to visit with you at Anderson’s yesterday. Glad to hear that you are writing. I teach writing at a college in New York City. Like you, many of my students are hoping to get published. I always tell them the same thing –write for the joy of writing. t takes years of practice to become a good writer, but it sounds like you’re off to a very good start. Write to me again when you finish reading PIE and tell me what you thought, okay? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! SW

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