So B. It Movie News!!!

            IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!!!!

    So B. It

I promised to update you on the latest news about the So B. It movie project so here’s what I know so far…

We have a fabulous script by Garry Williams

We have a fantastic director, Stephen Gyllenhaal

We have an amazing producer, J. Todd Harris

We have a terrific casting agent, Richard Hicks

We are going to have some unbelievably talented actors playing the roles of Bernadette, Heidi, Mama, Ruby, Roy and all the rest, BUT I’m not allowed to tell you who they are yet. I promise to get back to you about this as soon as I have permission to let the cat out of the bag.

I can’t believe my dream is coming true. Pinch me please!  This is beyond exciting!






I’ve been receiving a lot of e-mails from teachers and librarians asking if I have any ideas for art projects their students can do based on my books.  One of my favorite things when I arrive at a school for an author visit is to check out the artwork the kids have been doing.


I love receiving e-mails from kids and teachers who are reading PIE.   I’m absolutely thrilled that the book has made it onto state lists including Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, Mississippi and Rhode Island.  I’m also delighted that people are trying out the pie recipes.  Below are some photos of pie bakers.  If your class or book group decides to have a pie party, send me a photo and permission to post it and you can join the wall of fame.  Enjoy!


I have been receiving SO many lovely e-mails and letters from people who have read PIE and then felt a burning desire to bake one.  I’ve already posted some photos of pie-bakers on previous BLOGS, but I’d like to collect some new ones.  If you’ve baked a pie that you’re particularly proud of and would like to share a photo of it with the world, please send it my way, along with your FIRST name and the city and state you live in.


Kids always ask me, “Where do you get your ideas?”  It’s hard to explain sometimes.  I try to keep my eyes and ears and heart open to anything that might come along and suggest an idea for a story to me.  This week I discovered a wonderful pothole in my street.  Wonderful and pothole do not normally go together in the same sentence.  But see for yourself.  This is the same pothole before and after a rainstorm.  Whether or not I end up using this image in a story some day I’m still glad I saw it.  The world is a wonderful place, don’t you think?