Quick Facts

(Sarah)                        (Jane)                    (Tom)

Born: March 18, 1955 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Siblings: one brother and one sister

Education: Hampshire College and New York University




Children: two sons, Gabe and Nat

Husband: Jim Fyfe

Number of books published:  62 and counting

Hobbies: reading, baking, doing jigsaw puzzles, arts and craft projects, playing word games.

Favorite colors: blue and green.



Pets: A dog

Favorite books when she was little:  Harry the Dirty Dog, The Little House Series, Charlotte’s Web…

Biggest influence on her writing: Her mom

Current projects: A novel called REACH FOR THE SKY and two early readers series.

How long she’s been writing books: About 30 years

An interesting fact about Sarah: before she became an author she had many jobs including baking bread, answering phones, singing jingles and modeling.

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