Get Ready


                Sarah Weeks

is coming to visit your school!


These pages have been put together in order to help you get the very most out of the visit you have planned with author, Sarah Weeks. If you’ve had authors come to your school before, then you know that every author visit is different. We encourage you to print out and share this information with teachers, PTO coordinators, staff and tech support.   If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Sarah directly at:


    On these pages you’ll find helpful information about:




  • A/V NEEDS (LCD Projector, Microphone etc.)

  • FAQ’S




Use the weeks, or better yet months preceding the visit to focus on the author’s work.  Make sure that a good selection of Sarah’s books is available in the library. In addition, pre-ordering books is an excellent way to help build interest in an upcoming visit.  Providing enough books for classroom read alouds and encouraging teachers to include the books in classroom art and curriculum lessons is a wonderful way to help engage students as they anticipate the visit.

(You will find a list at the end of this document suggesting titles appropriate for each grade level. See FAQ for some suggestions for art projects, etc.)



Every school has things that need to be planned around.  It may be that the room where the author is presenting, doubles as the cafeteria, music room or the gym.  Or your students may have “specials” that need to be worked around.  Here is some information that will help you plan your schedule for the day…

The length of the program varies depending on the age group and attention span of the students. Students should be grouped together by grade.  For elementary schools:  K-1, 2-3, 4-5  for intermediate schools groups can be mixed, or grouped by grade.

Please allow:

30 minutes for K-1 programs

45 minutes for 2nd-3rd programs

45-60 minutes for grades 4 and up

Every presentation includes a brief Q&A.

Autographing will take place after the presentations

 Making the schedule.


In planning a schedule for your day, please keep in mind the following things:


  • The author does THREE presentations


Whenever possible it’s best to schedule presentations back-to-back in the morning with autographing to follow.  Allow 15 minutes between presentations to move kids in and out of the venue. Please avoid long periods of down time between programs.

Sample schedule:

8:45am-9:15am: K-1

9:30-10:15: 2-3

10:30- 11:15: 4-5


Having trouble finding a schedule that works? Consider some of these solutions other schools have come up with:


  • Smaller bodies fit in smaller spaces! Host K-1 in a smaller more intimate setting, like the library or music room.  Schedule them for the third presentation to free up the multi-purpose room for lunch.
  • Have a picnic! Ask the lunchroom to provide bag lunches on the day of Sarah’s visit and have kids eat in their classrooms.
  • Consider rescheduling “specials”.





When setting up for the visit, keep in mind that the author will need the following:


  • MICROPHONE AND PA SYSTEM (this is a must no matter how large the venue is!)




Sarah travels with a laptop (Macbook Pro) and both VGA and HDMI adapters, sometimes called “pig-tails”, which work with all LCD projectors and SmartBoards.  She does not bring her own projector or screen with her.


Sarah’s programs cannot be transferred onto a school computer with a flash drive, as the formatting may be compromised.


Please be sure that the space where the presentations will take place is set up before her arrival with the following things:


  • LCD PROJECTOR ceiling mounted or on a cart with power cord, VGA cord (Sarah will bring the adapter, but not the cord) and extension cords if necessary. The newer the bulb in the projector, the better!


  • SCREEN, which has already been pulled down or set up. Paper or fabric taped to the wall will not produce a clear image for the audience.


  • MIC and PA System.  **This is essential!**

Regardless of the size of the room, the author will need a microphone. A wireless hand-held mic or a hand-held mic with cord is preferred, but a body/lapel mic, which can be clipped on is fine if that is what’s available.  Test the equipment before the day of the visit to make sure everything is working.  Use fresh batteries, and have spare batteries on hand, just in case.






  • Please check before the day of the visit to make sure that the projected images can be easily seen by the audience in the room where the presentation will be taking place. If the projector needs to be elevated so that the image is centered on the screen, please do it in advance.


  • If the space has windows, please make sure that they are covered.  If you don’t have blinds or curtains, you can tape construction paper over them to block out the light.


  • Some auditoriums and gyms have time-delayed LIGHTS, which make it difficult to adjust lighting during presentations. Please make sure that there is someone who is familiar with the lighting available to help- especially if it requires a key.


  • The author will stand at the front of the room and use a remote control clicker during her presentations. She does not need a table, chair or lectern but she would appreciate it if you could provide a bottle of water. Ideally students will be sitting on the floor, or in fixed auditorium seating.  Teachers should sit near their students.


  • If you do not have a ceiling mounted projector, please leave enough space around the cart so that there will be no risk of the equipment being jostled by the audience.  A few small plastic traffic cones can help protect equipment and keep students safe.





  • What Sort of Program Does The Author Do?


Sarah designs her programs to fit each grade level.  For grades K-1 she focuses on her many picture books and talks about her life as an author.  For grades 2-3 she focuses on her chapter books and shares writing tips. For grades 4 and up she focuses on her novels as well as the writing and editing process.  Every program includes a PowerPoint presentation followed by Q&A.



  • Do we need to prepare students for the Q&A?


You can help students prepare by explaining what an appropriate question for an author might be. Sarah prefers that students NOT come with questions already written down as chances are that many of those questions will have already been answered during the presentation.


  • What do we do about lunch for the author?


If all three presentations take place in the morning, there is no need to provide lunch for the author.  If your schedule requires that the author stay past noon, or if you have a particularly large number of books for the author to sign (more than 100) after she finishes presenting, Sarah will be happy to bring her own lunch, or a simple salad or sandwich can be brought in from a local deli.

It’s important to provide a quiet space for the author to eat her lunch.  It is not necessary to plan anything fancy, in fact Sarah prefers to have her lunch time to herself or with a few members of the library staff.  If your school would like to plan an author lunch with kids or teachers present, this is something you need to discuss with the author before the visit.


How do we go about ordering books?


There are several options:



  • For easy one-stop shopping, you can contact my wonderful booking agent, Allyson Hickey at who will handle your book orders.


  • You can contact your local bookstore. Inquire as to whether they offer a discount for large book orders, many do.


  • You can order from which carries a good selection of my books. Note: The popular Regular Guy series for middle grade readers is ONLY available through Amazon.


  • You can contact the publishers of the books you are interested in ordering.


Scholastic – 1-800-SCHOLASTIC

To pre-order books at a 40% discounted rate please contact Scholastic Customer Service in

Jefferson City, Missouri via PHONE 1-888-724-1872 x 8015 or via



HarperCollins: 1-800 242-7737


Simon and Schuster – 1-800-976-1726


HarperCollins: 1-800 242-7737

Simon and Schuster – 1-800-976-1726






Grade levels are only suggestions, many books are appropriate for more than one grade level.


Books for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First grade:


From Scholastic:


  • Glamourpuss


From HarperCollins:


  • Lizzy McTizzy and the Busy Dizzy Day
  • McNosh Hangs up Her Wash
  • McNosh and the Great Big Squash
  • Oh My Gosh Mrs. McNosh
  • Woof, A Love Story
  • Mac and Cheese (I Can Read Book)
  • Mac and Cheese and the Perfect Plan (I Can Read Book)
  • Drip Drop (I Can Read Book)
  • Pip Squeak (I Can Read Book)
  • Splish Splash (I Can Read Book)
  • Baa-Choo! (I Can Read Book)


From Simon & Schuster:


  • If I were a Lion
  • Two Eggs Please



Books for Second Grade


From Scholastic:


  • Glamourpuss
  • Cheese

(paperback repackaging of OGGIE COODER which includes both books in the series)


From HarperCollins:


  • Without You
  • Follow the Moon


From Simon and Schuster


  • Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth



Books for Third and Fourth Grade


From Scholastic:


  • Soof (best for 4th grade)
  • Save Me a Seat
  • Pie
  • Honey
  • Cheese

(paperback combining both books in the Oggie Cooder series)



From (print on demand)


  • Regular Guy
  • Guy Time
  • My Guy
  • Guy Wire


From HarperCollins:


  • So B. It (best for 4th)
  • As Simple As It Seems (best for 4th)




Books for Fifth Grade and Up


From Scholastic:


  • Soof
  • Save Me a Seat
  • Pie
  • Honey


From HarperCollins:


  • So B. It
  • Jumping The Scratch
  • As Simple As It Seems
  • Up All Night (short stories appropriate for mature readers)







The more organized you are, the more quickly and smoothly things will go.  Here is the method Sarah prefers:


  • Place a post-it note on the front cover of each book with the FIRST NAME ONLY of the person the book is to be autographed for.  Make sure that the name is PRINTED clearly by an adult with good handwriting. Please do not let children write their own names on the post it notes.

(You can put the full name of the person, or a classroom number at the bottom of the post-it to make it easier to deliver the books later)


  • If a child has purchased more than one book, please put a




together!!!  This slows the process down and may result in damaged books.


  • Organize the books by classroom/teacher in order to speed up the process of getting autographed books back to the classrooms after the visit. Some schools use paper shopping bags with classroom numbers printed on them to make this process easier.


  • If there are a large number of books to be autographed (more than 100) whenever possible, have a volunteer available to work with Sarah while she signs.



  • Provide a comfortable adult-sized chair and a sturdy table in a quiet, private area for autographing.


  • Sarah is happy to sign library copies, classroom copies and copies brought from home in addition to pre-ordered books. Every book will be signed before the end of the day!


                            IDEAS FOR ENRICHMENT


Encourage students to visit  Explore the ABOUT ME page, and the READER’S THEATRE page, where you can download free pdf’s of Readers Theatre scripts to use in the classroom.


Get the art teacher involved!  You’ll find some suggestions for art projects based on Sarah’s books on Sarah’s BLOG.  Go to the post called SOME COOL IDEAS! at


Reading LIZZY McTIZZY? –  Consider having students wear two different shoes to school.


Reading GLAMOURPUSS? Consider having a special “BE GLAMOURUSS” dress up day.


Reading HONEY?  Host a nail polish party.  (Make sure to invite the boys too- you may be surprised how many of them want to try it!) Inexpensive “quick dry polish” is available in lots of colors.  For the more adventurous, try making your own.  You’ll find instructions galore on the Internet.  Or you can order a DIY kit.

Warning: have plenty of nail polish remover on hand….


Reading PIE?   Host a pie party in your classroom or library using the easy recipes in the book. Students may also enjoy reading this interview with Sarah:


Reading CHEESE? Try charving with your students.  Visit the BLOG at and look for the post called “SOME COOL IDEAS?” for a creative alternative to using cheese.



Reading SO B IT?  Consider showing students the movie, which is now available on DVD and Pay per view.  You might also want to recommend students read SOOF, the companion book for So B It.







Sarah Weeks looks forward to her visit with you!


An author visit can be a wonderfully enriching experience for your students and teachers. These suggestions are offered in order to help you plan the most successful visit possible for your school. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Sarah directly at:




Thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sarah if you have questions or concerns.  Here’s to a wonderful visit!




Sarah Weeks  looks forward to her visit with you!

An author visit can be a wonderfully enriching experience for your students and teachers. These suggestions are offered in order to help you plan the most successful visit possible for your school. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Sarah directly at: Thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sarah if you have questions or concerns. Here’s to a wonderful visit!