Author Visit FAQ

Q: When should we contact you about coming to our school?

A: I book my visits about a year in advance and dates go pretty quickly.

Q: For what Grade levels are your presentations appropriate?
A: Because of the wide range of my work I am able to provide presentations appropriate for K-8 grades.

Q: How many presentations do you do in one day?
A: For an in-person visit I do a maximum of 3  presentations per day.  

A:  Absolutely! I have a number of different options with a range of affordable fees.  For details please contact me directly at

Q: Do you give different presentations for each grade level?
A: Yes. The length and focus of the presentations depends on the age level of the audience. For younger children the focus is on picture books and what it’s like to be an author.  For older students I speak about novels, chapter books and the writing process.  All of my presentations include a PowerPoint and Q&A.

Q: What is the ideal group size?
A: The smaller the better!  If time and space permit, my favorite place to present is in the library, where the atmosphere is intimate and the kids have a more up-close and personal experience.  However, many schools have large populations which requires that I meet with bigger groups in places like the auditorium or an all-purpose room.  Either way works for me as long as there is a PA system and mic and the AV required for me to share my PowerPoint presentations.

Q:  What grades should be grouped together for your presentations?
A:  For elementary the groups are typically: K-1, 2-3, 4-5.  Intermediate and middle schools are usually grouped by grade.   

Q: Do you do Autographing?
A: Of course!  I am happy to autograph and personalize books before and after my presentations.  If you have a particularly large number of books to be signed (over 200) you may want to consider having me sign bookplates in advance.

Q: What materials will you need the school to provide for your presentations?
A: I travel with my own laptop, but I require the school to provide an LCD projector and a screen for the PowerPoint presentations.  A good PA system and mic (wireless handheld if possible) is also a must!

Q: How much does an author visit cost?
A: For details about cost and availability, contact me directly at:  

Q: What is an ideal schedule for the day?
A: Ideally the three presentations would take place back-to-back in the morning, with autographing to follow. If lunch or “specials” make this impossible, I’m sure we can come up with a schedule that works for everyone.

Q: How can we prepare for an author visit?
A: The more time you spend familiarizing the students with my work before I arrive, the more meaningful the visit will be for them.  For suggestions on some creative ways to prepare for a visit, please explore the FOR TEACHERS page for ideas.

Q: How do we order books?
A:  If you are interested in easy one-stop shopping please contact my booking agent, Allyson Hickey at  All of my books are available on Amazon but keep in mind that your local independent bookstore, as well as many of my publishers offer special discounts for school orders.