Up All Night

Published by: HarperTeen
Release Date: August 25, 2009
Pages: 272
ISBN13: 978-0061370786
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SUPERMAN IS DEAD, a short story by Sarah Weeks is included in this collection.

A brush with the supernatural? A rock concert? A reunion? A poolside revelation? The need to know what's up? The confessions of a friend? The dream of escape? A sick pet? An English assignment? The rear-window view of a murder next door? The search for the mother you never met? What keeps you up all night?

This remarkable collection of award-winning and bestselling authors is thought provoking, insightful, heartfelt, and powerful.

Praise and Honors

A Cooperative Children’s Book Center Choice

"This collection will keep teens reading long into the deep, dark night."

"Superb short story collection"
—ALA Booklist

"The authors’ names alone will get teens to pick up this book, but it is the writing that will impress them the most."

First Look Reader Reviews

"Fans of Abrahams, Bray, Levithan, McCormick, Weeks, and Yang will be anxious to read these stories. Up All Night truly surprised me. I was expecting a collection of spooky stories centered around creaking stairs and blowing curtains. Although there is a certain element of the supernatural in one or two, there is more psychological drama going on between the covers of this collection. The characters are faced with challenging situations. Some of the events are of their own making, while others are a matter of circumstance. The stories present situations that seem remarkably possible. I found myself being drawn in, feeling a part of the realistic action. Not only are the characters “up all night”, readers will no doubt feel the need to stay “up all night” to find out what happens."

"I really liked this book. The stories were great. At first, I thought this book wouldn't be that great because I wasn't that big of a fan of anthologies, but it turned out to be a good read. Every story was so...modern and it was just so fascinating. I totally recommend it. It'll sure keep you up all night wanting to read more."

"Up All Night features some pretty amazing authors. I really was up all night reading this. The final story by Gene Luen Yang in the collection was my favorite. It was pretty cool that they put in a comic! I recommend this to everyone out there who loves staying up all night and reading."

"Up All Night quickly became one of the best-yet small-collections of short stories that I have ever picked up. Once I started reading it, I simply didn’t want to stop! These are some of the best authors and they compiled a collection of stories that really make you think. They were all wonderful and I really liked all of them, but I would have to say Davis Levithan’s story The Vulnerable Hours and Sarah Weeks’ Superman is Dead would definitely be my favorites. Ever had a dream, a feeling, a moment, or even a simple event in time that kept you up all night? Well these stories are about just that. They aren’t about ghosts or vampires or things like that, they are about people, about moments in time that are just significant. And this book should become a significant part of everyone’s book collection."

"A very good read. My favorites were Levithan's story, McCormick's, and Abrahams. But they were all wonderful pieces. The stories can stand alone as individual pieces, but the underlying theme that ties them all together is visible. I read the book together, without intermission, and I enjoyed the stories both on their own and as a group. One of the best books I've read in a long time."

"A fabulous collection of today’s hottest YA authors—a great read for both kids and adults. The stories are thoughtful, touching and eye opening, as well as being just plain ‘ol really good reads. Libba Bray’s “Not Just for Breakfast Anymore,” about a young woman’s attempts to fit in with her friends is particularly well written. I highly recommend this book!"

"This is a very surprising collection of stories. They’re all so different, but with the overarching theme of being ‘up all night’ for one reason or another. Abrahams’ story had an unexpected supernatural twist. The backdrop of a concert was perfect for Bray’s story about family, friendship and acceptance. Levithan’s “The Vulnerable Hours” was an amazing mix of the fantastic in real life. There wasn’t anything specifically supernatural going on but the tone of the night itself, which made the night like another character. McCormick’s tale brought an element of personal danger but also of empowerment. Sarah Weeks story within a story was interesting, showing the bits of a writer that filter into his or her work. And Yang’s “The Motherless One” was both funny and amazingly poignant. Overall I would highly recommend this collection to just about anyone, teen or adult. The individual themes in each story resonate long after the book as been set down, and readers will want to stay up to see how each author views being up all night in their own way."

"Up All Night is definitely not teenage pulp fiction. This anthology delves deep into the minds of children and teenagers, and provokes profound and thoughtful questions. Each author sets the stage for a different kind of midnight vigil, from the deep introspection of relationships and the lies we tell ourselves, to literally waiting for a beloved pet--and youthful innocence--to pass on. Because if nothing is up, and everything is fine, why are we all so tired?"

"I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't what I was expecting and that's a good thing! I expected the book to be filled with horror stories that would keep me up all night but instead received a book that was full of stories about adolescence and coming of age that all tied in together because the characters stayed up all night. I think my favorite story was Phase 2 by Peter Abrahams because it was about becoming an adult and it also had the suspense and horror factor. Overall I really enjoyed the collection of stories and would recommend them to anyone!"

"This book really did keep me up all night. I was anxious, excited, frightened, sorrowful, and amazed for each unique main character of each unique story. A must-read for everyone no matter what types of books you enjoy!"

"Up All Night is a clever anthology of short stories based on the common themes of life changes and self-awareness. Each author handles the theme differently from Peter Abraham's seance tale to Patricia McCormick's driving story to Sarah Weeks' story within a story. Each tale is excellently written with keen attention to details and memorable characters. Recommended for all teens!"

"This was a GREAT set of short stories. Sarah Weeks'' "Superman is Dead" was an endearing story of a boy, his brother, and their mouse Superman. It was one of the two stories that made me cry. Libba Bray’s story is the longest in the volume and probably the most difficult to pin down. It is the story of a group of four teenagers in the 80s going to see Cheap Trick. You learn about each character in turn and it was heartbreaking and heartwarming. Gene Luen Yang'’s Motherless Monkey is beautiful and is a perfect example of what his book, American Born Chinese, is like. This is really a gem of a book. Each short story is a different facet in that gem. Wonderful!"

"Up All Night is one of the best short story collections I've read. Each story was different and all were amazingly written. This anthology ultimately lived up to its title—definitely worth staying up all night to read."

"I completely loved Up All Night. Each story was unique, leaving me with a different feeling at the end. And along the way I was introduced to some new authors! What could be better than that?"

"Overall, this book was put together in a fashion, which I find to be enticing to the reader. It's virtually impossible to become bored, because there's no time to do so before the next story begins! Furthermore, the stories themselves all harbor some sort of slight string that attaches them, whether it's the simple fact that they share a binding, or perhaps it's something a bit more than that. Perhaps it's the controversial topics covered by authors Libba Bray, Peter Abrahams and Patricia McCormick. Or maybe it's the secret thoughts as uncovered by David Levithan and Gene Luen Yang. Or maybe it's the story-within-a-story, a la one Sarah Weeks. Whatever the link, the stories all have one thing certainly in common; they make the reader think, and, in so doing, propel the reader to not only read, as the name suggests, but also feel the story. It's a powerful tool used by all six authors to inject their stories in your mind, burning their morals (of the stories, that is) forever into your psyche. I will recommend this book."

"I read Up All Night in record time. It is amazing. Each story had something special and unique about it. I can't wait for the paperback version to come out with the winning short story inside it."

"Up All Night was an enjoyable read because each of the stories dealt with a different topic but all were though provoking. The authors each confronted a situation (death, feeling left out, abuse, growing up) in a different style. Though most stories were written in a lighthearted manner, none of them were boring. I would recommend this to anyone interested in a book that would keep you up all night thinking about it."

"Up All Night has six amazing stories written by six amazing authors. Each one will have you thinking about what will keep you up all night. Not only that, but each story includes a great moral; a deeper meaning to life. Once you read this book, you will see night and day in a whole new light. Six short stories in one book that will change your life."